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2017 Apartment Concept Idea and Home Interior Designs. apartmentholic.com Apartment Design Ideas | Decoration Ideas | Galleries

Has been a while since I have no post an article about black and white interior design. now its time for one.Well, black and white the most basic colors if used properly can create dramatic effect and can also give sensational look to your home.This Manhattan apartment use a combination of black and white then white background and black.

With an area of ​​seventy square meters, this excellent modern apartment is perfect for a family of four. Two large bedrooms, large bathroom, fully equipped kitchen with balcony, cozy living room, large foyer and are the main features of the house. As abedroom is the place where you can relax and recharge, which was very important. A double bed, dresser and a workpiece is introduced into the chamber to be complete. Three separate cabinets that offer sufficient storage place against the lightblue painted walls. Clean and well designed, this spacious apartment is ideal for.

Spread over an open floor plan of 750 square feet, this is an exotic large Apartment filled with light. The location of the Apartment is strategic as restaurants and other attractions are located within walking distance. The Apartment is comfortable, stylish and spacious. Besides being fully furnished, the remarkable features of the Apartment are its ultra modern kitchen with all.

Coffee tables are practical to use in living rooms. Thanks to that popularity there are so many creative coffee tables out there that you can’t even imagine. We’ve chosen for you the most modern and stylish of them that we could find. Most of them are so amazing looking that they easily can become the main focal point in your.

Located in the Parque del Retiro, Madrid, this modern apartment has a multipurpose room that allowed them to enjoy their activities, whatever they are. For decoration, the majority of white walls and furniture in bright colors like green chairs and cushions the show. The kitchen is very modern and equipped with green and has many storage options. The whole apartment.

After four days in Rome, Italy back more energized and ready to update my blog daily usual.First first want to thank all Sava Loredana inspiration and ideas when I wrote the story was out. I ll start with this apartment of 80 square meters designed by Andrey Gorozhankin.The minimalist apartment in downtown Moscow, Russia, and was inspired by the Japanese sect.

The space is very important for all households, especially if you live in a small apartment in which we try to make all of its assets have their own place within easy reach. The smallest and place in a house filled the hall usually because they still need easy access to your shoes and boots, but not enough space for.

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