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63 Gorgeous French Country Interior Decor Ideas

amazing kitchen design with french country furniture

Interiors that are decorated in French country style always looks great. They are usually very warm and provide a feeling of comfort. That s why they are popular not only in the sunny vineyards of France but also worldwide. French country decor usually looks quite simple yet very elegant. It s a timeless style that emphasizes taste and comfort, rather than price or the latest trend. Ideal colors to get the French country interior design look, are colors inspired by the French landscape including terra cotta red, green, yellow and Mediterranean blue. This style usually features different natural and rustic elements. Among the most noticeable features are using wrought iron indoors, whitewashed wood surfaces, and toile fabric.

Whitewashed wood and not only wood surfaces

Even though natural wood is beautiful as it is, whitewashing is a great tecnhique to make it even more interesting. Lots of things could be whitewashed for French country interior decor. Whitewashed cabinets and other furniture could solve your storage needs. Whitewashed planters. signs and headboards could become great additions to kitchen and bedroom decor. Even an old brick wall could be whitewashed to become much more stylish and interesting.

Btw, we have even more information showing how to whitewash wood .

Wrought Iron and Rustic Metal Accents

Wrought iron usually could be found outdoors but in French country interiors too. It works especially great for headboards but some other elements of decor could be made of it too. Patina is also great for this purpose. The cool thing about it is that you can DIY faux patina finish on any metal furniture piece. Besides, any metal surface could be aged with your own hands so you won t need to search for antique furniture on Craigslist.

Other French Country Decor Ideas For Different Rooms

French country kitchen is a perfect room to add some porcelain jars or grocery signs to its decor. Whitewashed planters and wrought iron plant stands are also more than welcome here.

French country bedroom definitely should feature a wrought iron headboard and probably some good looking mixed and matched heavy drapes.

Heavy drapes fit well french country style living rooms too. Besides, you can place a wrought iron bench somewhere by the window and your living room would change its look completely.

For a french country bathroom we recommend different wrought iron towel racks and other organizers.

A french country dining room is the easiest to design. Whitewash your dining table and use wrought iron patio chairs as an inexpensive dining set.

Below you ll find lots of ideas to desing any room in this amazing style!

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