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best remote assistance software

Best remote assistance software

Looking for professional technology services to support your growing home or business? Wanting to upgrade your hardware but not sure what you need? We can help. ACS consultants are on-call to make site visits to your office, do a thorough study of your IT needs, and provide a detailed summary of technology solutions that will enhance your business: network design, set-up, file sharing, mail services, domain security, network printer, high-speed Internet access, all with professionally installed cable runs

Best remote assistance software

“We fix computers others can’t” to the test everyday. We offer a full range of services, and can handle the smallest or largest of jobs with the precision and dedication that the community has come to expect. In most cases we provide same day service for System Installations, Virus, Malware, Spyware removal. When we install your computer you will receive Free Anti-Virus and Anti Spyware software and more.

Best remote assistance software

We strive to provide the best Service


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Community Support

Advanced Computer Solutions and our staff believe in helping those in need.



Advanced Computer Solutions also provides FREE recycling service for all electonics (TV, phone, computer, microwaves, etc. ).


This is a real offer designed to get computers in the hands of families with children. While these computers are not the latest and greatest they will supply children a good basic working machine that will aid in homework and open their horizons and give the entire family an opening into the digital age. The only restriction is that these computers must go to families with at least one child under the age of 18 years and living at home, you cannot sell this computer, trade it, pawn it, or dispose of it in any way, have no other way to obtain a computer and Live in the Antelope Valley. You must come to Advanced Computer Solutions, 4533 West Ave L, Quartz Hill, CA 93536 (661)943-1300 to apply and schedule time to pick up the computer. At this time we have no means to deliver computers. Advanced Computer Solutions here in the Antelope Valley have been collecting computers to refurbish and pass on to Families with children that are in need of a computer and do not have the ability to obtain a computer by other means. What we supply is a computer, monitor, mouse, keyboard and Internet connection hardware. We also supply printers and speakers and other similar items when available. These computers are often older computers that have been refurbished for use by individuals and school aged children. They will come with all the software needed to make them usable.

Our Goal

We began providing services in Rosamond California in 1999 (Signature Internet). Advanced Computer Solutions / ACS Internet Solutions now has coverage in Rosamond, Willow Springs, Antelope Acres, Quartz Hill, Lancaster, Palmdale and parts of Mojave.

Wireless Internet

The Best Wireless Broadband Internet in Antelope Valley.

Advanced Computer Solutions / ACS Internet Solutions is committed to providing the best and most reliable residential and business broadband internet service at the lowest price. No phone line required, No limits. ACS Internet gives you the bandwidth you need to stream movies, upload videos, and to play games at a lower price. Call: 661-943-1300

Lower cost faster connection.

Monthly payments of $29.00/month with 1YR CONTRACT or $39.00/month NO CONTRACT. We currently provide service in Rosamond, Willow Springs, Antelope Acres, Quartz Hill, Lancaster, Palmdale and parts of Mojave. Watch for us in Mojave, Littlerock and Acton

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