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Allison Jaffe Interior Design

I have had the unique opportunity to see many design project by Allison Jaffe over the years. I have always admired the way she orchestrates… Read More

I have had the unique opportunity to see many design project by Allison Jaffe over the years. I have always admired the way she orchestrates an atmosphere. Her work encompasses authentic style and is not just random elements thrown together in a room. Her ability to work with her tradesmen to take a home from concept, demolition to the final installation is masterful. I also appreciate her use of color and texture. She s great at combining different elements to create beautiful, elegant and thoughtfully functional spaces. She s thorough, responsive and has a keen eye for detail. I highly recommend her.

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Allison Jaffe Interior Design

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Allison Jaffe Interior Design

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Meet the Business Owner: Allison J.

Allison Jaffe Interior Design is an award-winning full-service interior design firm serving Austin, Texas, and surrounding areas. Allison Jaffe, the creative force behind every project, has been in the interior design field for over five years. Allison s fresh and inventive outlook allows her to execute the perfect design for each client. Her firm s strong emphasis on client-designer collaboration makes each project uniquely successful. Using her expertise, Allison acts as a guide, helping each of her clients distinguish their needs to then make the best decisions possible for their home. Allison notes that she does not subscribe to one niche of design and the ability to flex her imaginative muscle in all styles of interior design keeps each job exciting.
Allison holds a Bachelor s of Science from University of Pittsburgh in Neuropsychology and graduated Magna Cum Laude in Interior Design from Texas State University. She is a Texas Registered Interior Designer, #11043 and a Professiona

Allison Jaffe Interior Design

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