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Bedroom Styles

Bedroom Design Photos

When it comes to interior design, bedrooms are where you can really create something special. The bedroom is a room that is personal and not a public space, so you can make it special and theme it or create a style different to the remainder of the house. We help you here by using bedroom design photos to get you thinking about bedroom spaces and how they are composed.

Where do you get bedroom design ideas from?

Right here at

As an interior designer I have gathered some photographs and written design critiques of them so that you can view them to get ideas and learn from my comments about how I think the bedroom design works or doesn t. Interior Design is a wonderful profession, we can all appreciate good design, but we don t have to like it. It is like art, we can see that something is spectacular and it has taken years of pain staking work to achieve, but we just can t look at it, yet others can find it captivating.

With interiors if you can achieve balance and harmony in a space, then you 80% of the way to success. Color, texture and accessories with finish it, but as I said earlier, not everyone will like it, but if it looks good and you feel comfortable and relaxed in the space, then you have achieved your interior design goal.

Take a look at these bedroom photos and read what I have to say about the spaces created, then take some notes of your own and see what you think works in the bedrooms and what doesn t, this is a great way to make your designer eyes start working and analyzing the work of others for your learning experience.

Bedroom Design Photographs

Velvet Upholstered Bed

A stunning example of a black and white or achromatic color scheme. See the detail and how well the interior is balanced.

Subtle cherry blossom motifs create an oriental feeling to this space.

Cushions and Pillows Design Feature

Good example of combining texture and pattern to create a harmonious feel.

A common way to decorate bedrooms is with the use of a feature wall in a different color or texture.

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