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Birmingham Interior Design

StyleBlueprint features the best of Birmingham interior design, highlighting the work of some of the most influential interior designers in the city. We also showcase breathtaking homes that will inspire you, locally and from around the South. We have decor ideas for every season, remodeling tips and other ideas to use throughout your own home.

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We pulled the pictures that you have pinned (and re-pinned) the most from the StyleBlueprint Pinterest page. Take a look at these images that are sure to inspire a few updates to your space!

Designer Dana Wolter let her daughter take the lead on designing a sophisticated space to call her own. The result is beautiful and warm — just like this mother-daughter pair.

Whether you need a simple spruce-up or a full-on renovation, our local design experts have ideas that will take your home from blah to breathtaking!

Modern, minimalist touches mingle with warm, classic undertones for a truly one-of-a-kind family home in Homewood. Get inspired by these light-filled interiors!

From whites and neutrals to bold metallics and vibrant colors, Lisa Flake creates artistic, elegant, calming spaces. Meet our latest interior designer crush!

Interior designer Pandy Agnew s eclectic yet timeless style garners happy clients in beautiful homes, as well as loyal shoppers in her elegant showroom.

Brilliant use of space and a rustic-chic design work in tandem to capture the true essence of lake living. Take a look!

Be inspired to dream big and take chances, building the life you want to have. Learn that and more with our FACES of the South feature today: interior designer Michelle Workman.

This month s interior designer crush, Marjorie Johnston, creates classic spaces with beautiful items and personal touches that offer comfort and elegance. Image: Jean Allsopp

Prolific style author and design anthropologist Susan Sully shares her 10 tips for bringing new purpose to your heirlooms and antiques.

When it comes to designing beach houses, there are a few things that simply must be incorporated. Here are two homes that showcase the unwritten rules.

Gain inspiration for harmonizing the modern and traditional elements of your home from this newly redecorated southern residence, perfectly balanced and layered!

We re crushing on interior designer Libby Greene, a Birmingham-based designer who combines old and new to create elegant, understated and inviting spaces.

Traditional elements seamlessly blend in with modern touches in this posh Atlanta home, a look perfectly executed by designer Lyndsy Woods. Take a look!

These homeowners’ love for chinoiserie decor is pervasive throughout their beautiful 1940s home. Look at how designer Allison Hennessy gave this home a stunning traditional-with-a-twist facelift.

This modern row house in downtown Birmingham seamlessly mixes modern art and architecture, heirloom and antique furniture and ecofriendly, green elements for a stunning result.

One family teamed up with Memphis designer Greg Baudoin to create a magical retreat in their second home. Check out this glamorous and graceful New Orleans getaway.

Understated elegance and subtle modernity seamlessly mix in this refined white kitchen. The designers dish on how they achieved this classic look.

It s a term oft-used in the design world, but what does transitional interior design really mean? We get the lowdown from an interior design expert, who explains how this approach bridges gaps to create beautiful spaces.

We tapped interior design experts for points on how to combine more than one pattern in a room, and we were pleasantly surprised at how easy it can be!

Bathrooms don t always have to stand out. Here is a home with two bathrooms where the design was seamlessly integrated into the entire look of the home.

When selecting hardware for the home, avoid common mistakes by using these expert suggestions from the folks at Brandino Brass. Image: Sun Valley Bronze

Used as a second home, this Tennessee farmhouse is as beautiful inside as it is out. Learn what inspired the design on the project, which led to a space the owners fell in love with.

This white kitchen is the end result of an amazing transformation. Check out the before and after shots, and learn the thought that went into the new design.

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