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Coffee Shop Design Home Design Photos

When you have two sofas or any larger seating arrangement, a big coffee table might seem like the obvious solution. But also consider a pair of matching coffee tables. They will keep the focus off one large piece of furniture and let your eye move around the room more easily. One classic coffee table size is 48 by 24 inches, so you can plan on that when thinking about your furniture arrangement.

The Sky is the Limit Design

Showpieces. Sometimes a coffee center is better suited to stand out, rather than hide in your cabinetry. This coffee center’s unusual shape is a reaction to the other dynamic shapes in the kitchen. Have you done it? We’d love to see your take on the coffee center. Please post a photo in the Comments!

Caroline Beaupere Design

If you don’t want the coffee table to be the focus of the room, choose one with a glass top and a finish that blends with others in the room, as in this example. This will keep the eye interested in all the items in the room, not just one layer of the design .

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Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Helgerson designed nearly all the furniture in the house. The owners love having parties and entertaining, and urged Helgerson to make a sturdy coffee table that could withstand the daily wear and tear of life with young ones — and the occasional dance party. “They told me that nearly every gathering ends with guests dancing on the table,” she says.

While you can buy these new, you’re sure to find something even more characterful at a garage sale or op shop for a fraction of the price. TIP: When shopping around, keep in mind the size of the trunk. It’s crucial that it sits at a comfortable height, similar to that of a typical coffee table, so you’re not forced to stretch your abs in order to get to the chips (though, that’s not necessarily bad for your waistline).

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

The vase can then be filled with inexpensive white blossoms, colorful tulips, a votive candle or nothing at all, for a look that is truly effortless. TELL US How have you styled your coffee table at home? Show off your design talents by uploading a photo in the Comments below.

AgathaO House of Design interior decoration design

The Majestic Vertical Garden Hotel is a 285-room inner-city property in Adelaide, South Australia. Agatha O House of Design has been involved in working collaboratively with the developer and architect to create the original concept, and interior, architectural and spatial design and planning. Magnificent cascading gardens on the outer walls are a feature of the hotel, which i. More

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