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2016 Trends

Canary Diamond

Main Wall: Black Pearl T16-01 | Back Room Wall: Pagoda T16-02 | Trim/Ceiling: Ivory Keys T16-17 | Chairs: Canary Diamond T16-05 | Mirror Frame: Galapagos T16-04

Chromatic brights mingle with dark moody tones, glossy surfaces and layered textures in this exotic-Asian-style inspired dining room.

Call it the era of the dinner party revival! More people are staying home to cook and entertain, so the dining room is experiencing a welcome comeback. Spaces that activate the senses with a playful interaction of color, texture and pattern is one way to ensure your guests will keep coming back for more. Dark colors create an illusion of depth by making the edges of a room disappear, while brilliant pops of tropical color envelop this room in adventurous style.

Penthouse View

Fifth Olive-nue

Blue Vortex

Upper Wall: Penthouse View T16-06 | Lower Wall: Fifth Olive-nue T16-08 | Trim: Fifth Olive-nue T16-08 | Upper Stripe Band: Coralette T16-07 | Small Cabinet: Blue Vortex T16-10

The traditional décor in a home office gets a stylish update with strong color, gold detailing and geometric patterns.

Horizontal borders of color at the top and bottom of a wall help a narrow room feel wider and more expansive. Eye-catching combinations are established through contrasting blends of bright and dark color, sleek lines and translucent surfaces. Neutral tones are enlivened with gold, coral and sapphire, resulting in a room that radiates confidence.

Modern Mint

Raw Copper

Charcoal Plum

Wall: Celadon T16-11 | Alcove Walls: Moden Mint T16-12 | Stratus T16-13

When it comes to modern style, everything is getting softer and rounder. Look for organic furniture shapes, subtle color combinations and natural materials that envelope in quiet serenity.

Natural greens and blues create a relaxed setting for a bedroom loft space. An ombre alcove is reminiscent of a misty, atmospheric landscape, balanced by black side chairs and abstract artwork. Orange and turquoise are pop accents that reveal a sense of optimism, while a mix of geometric patterns and soft textiles invite you into the room.

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