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Some hot topics you may want to know about the program:

Nationally Recognized

UF-ID has been nationally recognized for many years. We see our graduates excel in diverse fields; check out our Alumni Friends. This well recognized leadership stems from a commitment to evidence-based design that emphasizes the role of research in guiding the design process. A leading public institution, UF-ID offers exposure to many specialized disciplines and programs, and multiple minors and certificate programs are customizable to your interests within an elite academic environment.

Research Based Design Process

A research-based design process centers around the human
occupants and how design can optimize the interior to meet human needs through healthy, safe, functional, sustainable, and culturally sensitive designs. The socio-cultural context of design aim specifically to understand the individual, societal, and cultural needs of the people unique to where the design takes place. Supporting people is the key focus of interior design, where design is not about the ego of a designer but solving the world’s needs.


Interdisciplinary undergraduate foundational studios are taken together with all freshman DCP students. The MID and doctoral programs are housed in DCP with an interiors concentration. Being part of a large, dynamic campus and part of a multidisciplinary design college, affords the opportunity to connect with historic preservation, architecture, landscape architecture, and building construction and planning. This benefits in a robust view of the interdisciplinary nature of design.

CIDA Accredited Undergraduate Program

The department of interior design has been continuously accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (formerly FIDER) since 1973, one of the first seven programs accredited. The long history of interior design at UF is now part of a 4-year accredited professional degree program. Additionally, as a UF-ID undergraduate you have the opportunity to complete a 4 + 1 Master’s of Design.

Studio Based Learning Experiences

Studio learning, a core component of the undergraduate degree, engages you in intensive research, design development and creativity. With faculty mentors, you will develop design thinking, technical, and research skills to become positioned for leadership in the field. The secure, 24/7 accessible studios are equipped with digital sketch tablets for critique and work reviews, plotters, and digital projectors for presentations. The limited enrollment generally allows no more than 16 students per section, facilitating a strong working relationship with the faculty.

Internships and International Study

Personalized design field experiences link you with internships, research, global/domestic design study programs, and service learning opportunities. These experiences strengthen you to compete in the current global marketplace. Great contacts are made during these exciting once-in-a-lifetime experiences that are treasured for years after. An event during the final year- Pro Day also offers interaction with leading? Design professionals across the nation.

Award Winning Student and Faculty Work

UF-ID students routinely win local, national, and international design competitions. Graduate students also present their design research findings at conferences and publish in peer-reviewed journals, contributing to the body of knowledge and showcasing their advanced design thinking. On-going opportunities for building and design projects with real clients and real needs are also optimized. The diverse interests of the faculty allow for a wide breadth of design topic exposure by nationally and internationally recognized experts.

ASID/IIDA Student Chapter

The student chapter strives to connect students with design practitioners and industry professionals. The association also offers a great way to connect with interior design students in different classes from freshman to seniors to graduate students as well as engage with other disciplines across the college. Students have the opportunity to learn about the interior design profession through participation in monthly meetings, community service projects, workshops, and an annual student showcase that presents student work and fund raises for the organization and a scholarship fund. Professor Candy Carmel-Gilfilen serves as faculty advisor to the student association.

Student Showcase

At the end of each academic year UF-ID students organize a showcase to share student work with family and friends. Work from all levels of the program is shown. There is also a silent auction and raffle. Proceeds go towards the Passing of the Torch Scholarship for an upcoming senior interior design student and a local charity. We welcome parents and prospective students to hear about the program and see current student work by attending the annual Student Showcase.

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