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Interior design tool


It’s easy. It’s quick. It’s yours. Design a room or an entire house from the extensive product range available.


Save, share and download your designs by simply registering your details below or on the Decorator.


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The possibilities with this free to use tool are endless! View some of the designs below.

  • Interior design tool
  • Interior design tool
  • Interior design tool
  • Interior design tool
  • Interior design tool
  • Interior design tool
  • Interior design tool
  • Interior design tool
  • Interior design tool
  • Interior design tool
  • Interior design tool
  • Interior design tool
  • Interior design tool
  • Interior design tool
  • Interior design tool
  • Interior design tool
  • Interior design tool
  • Interior design tool
  • Interior design tool
  • Interior design tool

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2. Decorate

Check out the Digital Decorator. Play around with some designs.

3. Save

Save and download your designs by confirming your details in the Decorator.

4. Share

Start sharing your designs with family, friends, decorators, builders and more!

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Interior design tool






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Interior design tool

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