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No Computer or Pencil Needed!

Create beautifully detailed elevation sketches and floor plans with these unique and patented time-saving tools.

Design and shop at the same time. E-Z DECORATOR � System and Furniture Planner offer you a huge selection of detailed drawings of all styles of furnishings found in showrooms, antique galleries and manufacturers’ catalogs. With the ability to �try this� and �try that� the E-Z DECORATOR System is a fabulous ‘idea’ tool as well.



Stunning Contemporary Living Room

  • Watercolor on Photocopy

  • Watercolor on Photocopy

  • Outdoor Living Room w/East and West Elevation

  • Black and White Photocopy

  • Watercolor on Black and White Photocopy

  • Black and White Photocopy

  • Watercolor on Photocopy

  • Hollywood Glamour Bedroom

  • Watercolor on Black and White Copy

  • Very High Ceilings, Grid Turned Vertically

  • Elegant Window Treatment/Watercolor on Black and White Copy

  • Contemporary Loft Bedroom

  • Watercolor on Photocopy

  • Unconventional Kitchen Design

  • Watercolored Black and White Copy

  • Large Selection of Tile Patterns to Work With in Kitchen and Bath Supplements

  • Create Unique Designs in Unexpected Ways

  • Elegant Dining Room

  • Open Concept Kitchen and Family Room on Large Grid

  • Architectural Elevation Drawing Inserted Behind Overlays with E-Z DECORATOR Drawings Placed on Top

  • Architectural Floor Plan Inserted Behind Overlay with Furniture Pieces Placed onto Overlay

  • Floor Plan Drawn Directly onto Gird with Washable Marker Pen

  • Architectural Floor Plan Created from Individual Elements in E-Z DECORATOR Furniture Planner

  • The E-Z DECORATOR System is an interior design visualization tool that enables you to creatively design and sketch the interiors of homes, offices, kitchens, baths, and outdoor living areas. This easy-to-use kit is an alternative to using software, providing spectacular hand-drawn illustrations that interior decorating software cannot achieve. The E-Z DECORATOR Furniture Planner is a furniture layout/furniture template tool that illustrates how furniture will fit into rooms. Both the E-Z DECORATOR System and Furniture Planner are essential for interior design, interior decorating, home staging and students of interior design education.

    Additionally, the E-Z DECORATOR System and Furniture Planner are sold in many prestigious interior design school bookstores as well as being incorporated into their classroom design curricula. When studying interior design it is important to work with materials and tools that can also be used after completion of the interior design program, in real-world design projects. The E-Z DECORATOR System and Furniture Planner are design tools that can effectively transition from classroom to office/studio. It has been proven that clients hiring interior designers, decorators, home stagers and design consultants need to see accurate and artistic drawings, sketches and illustrations in order to best see what the finished design project will look like. Since sketching interiors is time-consuming and expensive to outsource, it is necessary to have a method of visual communication that is easy to use and effective. Interior design software is expensive and hard to master, giving results that are not artistic but rather stiff and animated. Since each and every illustration in the E-Z DECORATOR System and Furniture Planner has been hand-drawn by the same award-winning artist, the interior drawings and layouts are of the highest quality, showcasing the creativity of the user in the most professional and artistic manner.

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