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Deborah is a certified interior designer, with LEED project experience. She excels at collaborating with clients and project personnel to select attractive, durable, and functional finishes, as well as furniture specification. Her research abilities and product knowledge reward clients with appropriate, high quality materials bid at low prices, helping meet client s budgets with attractive yet easily maintained interiors. Deborah s dedicated and holistic approach to interior design and her ability to work with owner representatives and consultants results in achieving an inviting atmosphere while maximizing the near- and long-term value of the project.

DFID offers the full range of interior architectural design services, employing accuracy, efficiency, and attention to detail in every phase of every project

  • Space planning and conceptual design
  • Design development
  • Construction Documentation
  • Construction Administration

Additonal Services offered by DFID

  • As-Built measuring and CAD Documentation
  • SketchUp modeling/rendering
  • Custom casework design
  • Interior finishes materials selection and specifications
  • Comprehensive furniture specification services
  • Existing workstation/office analysis and recommendations
  • Facilities Management

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