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HDB Flat Interior Design

Posted by poweruser1 on January 23, 2013

Are you thinking about to hire an interior designer for your HDB flat interior design. Renovating a property is a difficult task as there are lots of interior designers available in Singapore make it difficult to find the appropriate one. However, once you succeed in finding the best one, you will observe all your headaches are taken away by the interior designer. Either you are thinking to renovate your home for your residing or for resell it; good interior designing will produce desired results. For getting the perfect HDB flat interior design. it is imperative that the designer is well aware of all aspects of HDB designing, what amenities people want and expect in a HDB flat.

Comparing the quotations

Before renovating your HDB flat, you should consider various factors related to HDB renovation packages and HDB resale packages. Certainly, it will not be a better idea to invest so much in renovating a flat and when you consider its resale price, you find yourself in a loss. For the renovation, you should contact with a few interior designers for estimation and evaluation. Make sure that you give the same specifications to all the designers as diverse materials utilized can bring about different quotes.

The quotes may vary even for the same specifications; this is because the service quality and standards in workmanship may vary. Sometimes, if the owner asks to do the job urgently, the renovators may charge them higher quotes.

Contract of Renovation

It is important that you make clear all your requirements to interior designer. Never depend on verbal concord, always sign a restoration contract in which all specifications, time limit and price should be included. When you sign on the contract of renovation, make certain that the agreement should have fine prints.

Permit for renovation

If you are going to start any renovation project, you will need a renovation permit irrespective of whether it is for private residential property or HDB flats.

For HDB flats, permit is required for HDB. You can purchase the floor plans of particular flat units from HDB branch offices or HDB centre at $5. Nonetheless, there are numerous renovation jobs that do not need any renovation permit; you will need to check all the details from HDB branch offices.

Hiring a registered interior designer

In order to perform specific interior designing work in an HDB flat, the designer should be listed in HDB. You may check their list in HDB registered interior designers.

During the period of renovation

Throughout the renovation, it is important that you constantly oversee the designing works and communicate to your designer if there is any discontent. Keep in mind that if you communicate well with your designer, it will positively affect your HDB flat architectural. Always keep track of the progressive disbursement made by you and always keep the receipts.

Thus, if you are looking for interior designer to make a HDB flat interior design to renovate your home, you need to take care of all the aspects mentioned above not to be involved in any problems.

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