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Art Deco Design in a historic home Inspired by the carved alabaster fireplace brought back from Egypt in 1932, we created an Art Deco interior design scheme with Neoclassical/Egyptian Revival Roots. Notice the set of three black lines on the edge of the luxurious silk draperies- our interpretation of “speed lines” – a pattern of [ ]

Nature Inspired Home This expansive home built in the tradition of Frank Lloyd Wright was the right setting for discerning clients who appreciate beautiful materials infused with artistry. Click to view this project. Built for a primitive artwork collection This client has an affinity for primitive art works. Designing a room to showcase their collection [ ]

Architectural Elements Architectural elements such as trim work and moldings, columns, fireplace mantels, and built-in cabinetry can add character and richness to a room. It can also alter the overall style of the space and make it more efficient. Here are a few of the architectural elements Boston Design and Interiors Inc. often implements as [ ]

Visual Connections Making visual connections is a part of the craft of Interior Design. We design and create custom railings, floor inlays, and tile lay-outs for functionality and aesthetic purposes. Used individually or together these visual elements can transition space and pull numerous design components together for a more cohesive interior. In this addition we [ ]

A Fireplace the time to set a style Fireplaces are often the focal point of a room. They can define the style of a room as well as an entire home. If you are designing a fireplace in a new home or if you are renovating an existing space there are many design elements to consider. [ ]

A Place for Things the time for built-ins There are times when built-ins will more aptly serve the homeowners and the space rather than using free-standing furniture. Both the style of the rooms and the need for display and storage spaces are carefully balanced in our designs. In this room a built-in was designed with a [ ]

Classic Contemporary In this new home the client wanted a contemporary look without using hard-edged geometrics. Donna Terry won the Designer Showcase Award for Best Dining Room sponsored by the International Furnishings and Design Association and Design New England Magazine. This award celebrates exceptional interior design by an individual or firm. Click to view this [ ]

English Style Living Room with a Twist The client said: I want to feel like I am living in a Jane Austin novel but we still need the big screen and surround sound. Click to view this project Children s Wing of a Grand Mansion Check out the butterflies on the custom rug designed for one [ ]

A 1925 Kitchen with Modern Amenities: This house was built in 1925 with house plans from a Sears and Roebuck Catalogue. You can see the completely remodeled kitchen has retained its character. Click to view this project. Art Deco Influence: The custom designed butterfly bed is the centerpiece of this elegantly inviting Art Deco bed [ ]

Arts and Crafts Home The Arts and Crafts concept for this home was created using rectilinear form with other stylized nature inspired motifs. Click to view this project. A Public Library in Progress With a deep appreciation of the historical significance of the stained glass windows produced by Donald McDonald, the works of William Morris [ ]

Welcome to Boston Design and Interiors, Inc.

“We create an interior design that is uniquely yours- the way you always imagined it would be.”

About Us

Who We Are

Donna Terry is the lead interior designer and CEO of the company. She is known for her ability to apply her expansive knowledge of interior styles in everything she designs, her deeply rooted professionalism and her sincere concern for the client’s satisfaction. Having grown up immersed in the New York Theatre scene. Read More About our C.E.O.

What We Do

We create beautiful home environments in which one can flourish and be happy. The design process is not just a transformation of the home but a carefully crafted expression of the client’s personality and desires. Read More

Why We Do It

We are driven by design in all things. What is modern today will be a thing of the past tomorrow — What will remain classic, are the designs of yesterday that will continue to evolve in our contemporarary world.

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