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Beauty of Life: Artist Talk With Yuki Hayama

solidThinking Converge 2016

If you pre-ordered one of these, thus far it’s looking like money well-spent

When we asked “How practical is the Shaper Origin” and invited you to ask questions, we knew Shaper would answer them. But we didn’t know they’d go the extra mile and answer with video demonstrations! Here the team tackles the things that are better shown than written. We’ve

By Core Jr – Sep 09 New

Juganu street lights are designed with a low drag factor, offering low resistance to high winds, which enhances pedestrian and driver safety and decreases maintenance costs. JLED street and road lights run cool, under 45C°, which further extends product life. Smartly designed, JLED street lights are lightweight, and easy to install and maintain. Using shape and right materials allows the light fixture to operate for years.

The ultra-profitable company has been on a hiring spree, too

If you watch our Job Boards, you know that Lego was looking for a Senior Design Director this summer. As it turns out, that one job was just a drop in the bucket: The company has been on a hiring spree this year, picking up over 3,500 new employees in

With functionless buttons, dials, clickers, switches, etc. it’s tactile for the sake of being tactile

Of all the things you could design that would be smash hits, here’s one that most wouldn’t have thought of. The Fidget Cube is an object that does nothing–in the same way that Seinfeld was a show about nothing. Yet they both deliver satisfying mini-experiences: It’s hard to tell

A Japanese homage on the tweedy brand’s 150th birthday

Brooks England is legendary in the cycling world, known as much for their long-wearing saddles as for their aggressive commitment to their “heritage quality” style and brand. For the last 150 years, and the last 25 in particular, they’ve ignored modern fads and dialed in what makes a bike seat

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Level + spoon = “Levoons”

For the precision-minded baker or cook: These measuring spoons called Levoons have two clever innovations. Observe: Of my friends who cook, some operate intuitively, i.e. “A dash of this, a pinch of that.” Others follow recipes as fastidiously as if they’re reading instructions for how to build an ICBM. Levoons

By CHEESIGN – Sep 08

PERTITUNE is made from an exhaust, an old shower, a folding metal chair and a little creativity. The lamp made from an old shower reimagines the shape and function of typical floor lamps, providing a fresh perspective on the often boring furniture category.

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Think through how you would actually use these

The Apple announcement of greatest interest to me yesterday was of their forthcoming AirPods. The incrementally better iPhones and Apple Watch were expected, and everyone knew the headphone jack was going away; but with the wireless Bluetooth AirPods we see that they’re trying to break new ground. The question is

By Coroflot Jobs – Sep 08

Produce functional, high-quality travel solutions!

Ricardo Beverly Hills is searching for a dynamic, seasoned leader to become its VP of Design and Product Development. This is a senior position that will play a pivotal role in designing and developing world-class products that fit the consumer lifestyle for each of our brands. We want someone who will come in with a solid reputation for building both great products in a consumer-driven organization and world-class teams.

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How long until someone turns this idea into a silly Kickstarter product?

If you’ve got a Macbook Pro you know that yes, that strip above the function keys gets uncomfortably hot during processor-intensive tasks. That’s fine with me since my fingers are never up there anyway. But it bugs “lifehacker” BenriHacks, who thus devised a coin-based “thermal management cooling method:” I doubt

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This big glass orb gently spotlights your green thumb

Do you have a wistful digital folder of design concepts you wish were real? (Or is that just Pinterest?) Well, I do, and it’s rare and satisfying to see things make it out of there and into the world. I’ve held onto a sexy beta photo of the Lightovo Milo

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By Rain Noe – Sep 07

Here’s a magic $400,000 helmet that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do

An Industrial Designer’s Dream Scenario: You’re heading up the design team for a technologically-sophisticated, big-ticket item. You got a team of engineers, industrial designers and UX guys all working in the same building, alongside a top-notch prototyping shop. A crucial parts supplier is right down the street. So is the factory.

By Coroflot Jobs – Sep 07

Create real-life experiences for high-profile companies, including Netflix, Google and Jordan Flight Lab

We’re seeking an environmental graphic designer to work on the experiential design for our variety of national and international brands. Must have experiential case studies to include in your application. Responsibilities will include developing mood boards for events, working on graphics proposals/presentations, selecting decor details, etc.

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Inside the New Museum’s startup incubator and why it differs from your run-of-the-mill shared office space

What do you do when you come up with the idea of starting a business that transcends category and previous entrepreneurial norms? When it comes to going out on your own and starting your own business, the truth is there is no perfect science and it’s almost always daunting—but when

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By Stephen Key – Sep 06

The way I see it, you’re not really in the game until you’ve begun contacting potential licensees to pitch them on your concept for a new product. Up until now, the work you’ve done has been more or less in a vacuum. Before you get in too deep, you need

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By Rain Noe – Sep 06

Independent designers, take note: They handle the marketing, publicity and sponsorships, allowing you to focus on selling and making contacts

American Field is an outfit that seeks to promote “the best of American-made brands” by holding pop-up shops around the country featuring dozens of vendors. They rotate through Boston, San Francisco, Washington, D.C. Atlanta, Nashville and Brooklyn, that last location being described as “the widest selection of #MadeinUSA products ever

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By Andre Fangueiro – Sep 06

Meet Ascetic, the laptop meets briefcase, for entrepreneurs on the go. This premium laptop provides the modern professional with a new and unique device that no longer requires an additional carrier. The luxurious finish of leather and sleek exterior, in combination with a retro inspired keyboard creates a dialogue between

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