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Design Articles

The best way to learn about interior design and decoration is by reading design articles in magazines or web sites like this.

If you get one tip of interest from each article then you are well on the way to improving your home decoration skills.

Here are some design articles to get you started.

They cover a variety of topics ranging from interior design, through home decoration to construction and helpful homemaker tips. And for those who like to decorate for the festive season, a few design articles on Christmas home decorating ideas.

Sustainable Floor Choices learn about eco friendly flooring choices for home interior design and decorating.

Simplify Color Choices upload a photo, chose a color, create a color scheme see an example of using a fun color scheme creator tool.

Where do you find color inspiration? Get the long version and the short cut to getting inspired by color design articles and examples.

What is an interior designer? Find out the definition of an interior designer, see if it is the profession and career for you.

Interior Design and Decorating Trends read Lee Brown s opinion of interior design and decorating trends, it is a different way of thinking and a catalyst to start questioning your own opinion of trends.

Cure the Clutter bug, a five step cure for all those that are prone to collecting too much in their home, simple yet effective.

What is Style can you tell if you have good design style? What is style? What is taste or flair, what is charm?

Accessories The Key to Good Design why? Because they are often the focal point of a room vital interior design tips here.

Decide if you follow the trends or like being a leader in design, learn some ways to use your imagination and get innovative and creative with decorating to bring out the best you have to offer.

The Importance of Research in Design as I always say, you can never stop learning in this industry. Find out why it is so important, some great interior decorating advice.

Proportion and Balance are key ingredients for design and decorating.

The Fibonacci Series and The Golden Mean are useful tools to help you design to pleasing proportions and create balance.

Simple ways to concept or theme help you choose a look, then take a look at nature to inspire your designs.

Environmentally Friendly Ways to Deter Household Pests provides ideas for not using chemicals around your home. Design articles and ideas for the environment.

New Home Planning a structured way to plan a new home.

View the home above being constructed from start to finish as a detailed photographic diary.

The topic that interior designers like the least is construction, it s mundane but if you learn a little it can go a long way to making you achieve much better schemes, so look at construction for interior designers to get you started.

To help take the guesswork away from making changes in your home try 3D Plan Modeling it could save you money in the long run.

Use wallpaper as a feature wall to create color and texture in your home.

Get inspired to makeover a room kitchen or dining examples.

For a commercial design idea, look at this vibrant workspace , it takes using multiple colors to the extreme.

From a health perspective, a must read is Allergies and the Living Room minimize the effects of allergens in your living room.

Marbling Paint Effects Take a look at how paint effects can be used in an unusual and creative way.

If you thinking about becoming an interior decorator, read all about it.

Try planning your outdoor living space in a safe and functional way, complete with decoration.

Antiques Tips on antiques and resources

Floor Coverings Tips on floor finishes and resources

Interior Decorating Help ideas about differences between interior designers and interior decorators and design resources.

Children s Bedrooms Design articles,Tips and ideas, find resources.

Best interior design magazines

Christmas Dining Room Decorating Ideas take this idea for decorating a dining table and make it your own original concept for Christmas dinner.

Contemporary Home Christmas Decorating Idea try something a bit different to the traditional form of decoration and get some ideas about decorating the Christmas dinner table.

Best interior design magazines

Learn to create great kitchens like this using the interior decorating advice from

Best interior design magazines

If you want to receive interior design tips everyday to help you learn more about interior decorating

Best interior design magazines

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