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Welcome to our website. Here you can explore our portfolio of work, learn more about why JADIS is the finest interior designer Dubai wide, and contact us regarding your own project.

Nothing is truly elegant but what unites use with beauty

This quote is taken from an 18th century play by Oliver Goldsmith expressing an eternal principle of design.

At JADIS Interiors we derive our Inspiration from multiple cultures and infuse our Design with warmth, sophistication in all genres from Classical to Contemparaty.

JADIS strives to craft a unique, and individual narrative concept for each project, with the objective of appealing to both the eye and the individual. We create stunning interiors Dubai wide that really represent the unique style of each homeowner.

The color scheme creates the mood, it is the pallet of the home interior designer. The foundation of interior design in Dubai here at JADIS is based on creating designer furnishing and home decor solutions to discerning home makers needs.

A distinctive feature in our custom made furniture is the continual evolution in use of materials, design and manufacturing techniques in an effort to obtain aesthetic quality coupled with satisfying the newest and most recent trends in custom made furniture.

What distinguishes Magda is her talent and sensitivity to read and understand the aspiration of the customer. She has an unusual gift for creating the appropriate concept for each and every different project. Strengthened by her professional experience and pursuit of new challenges, Magda’s quest for perfection, attention to details and refinement has made JADIS into one of the Middle East´s most notable references in tailor made interiors.

Magda’s travels to Morocco, India, South America, France, Italy and all the inspiration of the Middle East, she acquired a rare and extraordinary taste for Design and Color.

From her childhood memories, influenced by the fabrics at her father’s shop, she has a passion for beautiful fabrics. Magda designs furniture using color scheme combinations that are likened to an artist painting on canvas.

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