New Luxury Chinese Interior Design in 10 Pictures That You Should Know #interior #design #kitchen

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New Luxury Chinese Interior Design in 10 Pictures That You Should Know

The interior design wave came from China. Shining Chinese interior design with accents made from brilliance dictate new trends of luxury interior design .

These Chinese designs don’t really remind Asian minimalism, that we are use to see. The sheer style, sophistication and brilliance combined with black and white shades bring the feeling of luxury, comfort and balance in the same time.

There are some pictures which introduce you the Chinese luxury interiors, which were created by Chinese luxury interiors professionals company 14 YA. Take a look.

Combination of silver accents and contemporary created the cold and fancy atmosphere of Asian luxury.

Various textures and glossy surfaces are used to create neew and diferent ambences.

Ceiling is the main accent of the interior and shining chandelier perfectly fitted with it. Creates balance in the room, and looks great.

What do you think about the this brilliant bedroom? It looks cozy right?

Impressive glass textures makes the dining room look more contemporary and modern. The effect is amazing.

Here it is! Indoor swimming pool refresh the environment, which is enhanced with gorgeous lamp.

One more swimming pool fulfilled with painted stream of black colour.


Gorgeous living room which surprise with its ceilings.

Luxury living room interior and patterned furniture, which perfectly fits to the rug.

Interior Design Magazines: Trendzin.

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