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Interior Design Intensive

Interpret and develop specialist interior projects: residential, retail, public and exhibition.

The course

The course is aimed at students who are interested in interior design and who want to understand technical and constructional aspects of interior spaces, the methodologies of elaborating the concept of a project and its appropriate representation. The approach is creative, artistic and intuitive; it is not only technical. The fundamentals of the course are aimed at providing knowledge of various interior styles, the study of solutions in furnishing, the materials used and the various possibilities in fabrics; patterns, colours and shades. In the first part of the course the necessary basics will be introduced for the understanding and definition of the style of an interior design project. Project analysis of internal spaces will run parallel with the study of technical layout and graphic design. The programme favours an approach to the design concept of a project for the interior space in a private dwelling and the analysis of a fashion brand in the context of fashion and luxury.

After having acquired basic skills, participants will move on to study projects in commercial retail space, or leisure spaces (such as restaurants, bars and clubs) to apply the concept of a luxury brand. Particular attention will be put on analysing the various typologies in the representation of projects. During the course, a variety of seminars and lectures are foreseen, aimed at broadening knowledge presented by professionals (such as managers) in the sector.

The course will prepare students to join one of the specialist master s in interiors. These programmes are for those who seek careers in the design and planning of interior spaces and retail spaces such as flagship stores, showrooms, exhibition spaces. They interpret the public spaces of hotels, restaurants and of beauty farm with a technical design approach, capturing the client s vision of the space, with proposals that are in line with contemporary trends. Planning an interior space means creating a story of styles, moods, colour and light; one of research and analysis reflecting change in contemporary lifestyle living. The course is a precursor to attending a master s in the field of interior design where the student will be able to design and organize internal spaces in a variety of environments with specific skills in design and a strong aesthetic sense, able to deliver contemporary and forward-thinking solutions.


Participants to this course will become competent at working in interior design. They will be able to contribute to planning and organizing the design, distribution and decoration of interiors, which may be either living spaces or commercial spaces such as, for example, offices, hotels or shops. They must design spaces whilst referencing contemporary trends and style, simultaneously interpreting the practical needs and desires of clients and considering new design elements such as sound, lighting and well-being design.

Learning outcomes

On completion of the course in Intensive Interior Design, the student will be able to:

  • manage a sketchbook of research aimed at developing a project, import the necessary images for the presentation of a moodboard, colour charts, paper materials, project layout;
  • describe an interior design project through technical drawing in AutoCAD and sketch freehand perspectives of the design proposal;
  • interpret in concept boards the trend, mood and technical aspects of contemporary project work for residential spaces;
  • develop an interior design project, translating the DNA of a chosen brand into the retail outlet with innovative furnishings through appropriate design methodologies;
  • propose the mood and architectonic solutions for a selected public space, faithful to planning restrictions.

Course themes

  • visual language
  • design cultures and research
  • emotional design
  • definition of lifestyles

talent projects

Discover the creativity of the curricular projects realised by attendees of the undergraduate courses from the Istituto Marangoni Schools of Design.

Milano School of Design

combined programmes*

one-year courses + master s degrees (ma)** master s courses*** cycles de sp cialisation**

*Access to the combined programmes is subject to the possession of a university degree and to obtaining the one-year course certificate, according to the academic year and after approval by the admissions committee at the end of the one-year course.

**Students who successfully complete the programmes taught in English in Paris and London will be awarded a master s degree by Manchester Met (Manchester Metropolitan University-UK). Master s degrees include a 12-week work placement. 180 credit points must be earned in order for a master s degree to be awarded upon completion of the course. All candidates should meet specific requirements (please check the website indicating your nationality and study level). For further details please do not hesitate to contact the information office at the chosen school.

***Students who successfully complete the programmes taught in Milano and Firenze will be awarded an Istituto Marangoni certificate.

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