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R R Design Studio LLC has a unique perspective on interior design. R R’s team never imposes their own style on a project — and they firmly believe that if their team does its job right, there will be no evidence they were ever on a design site.

R R sees its job as helping clients define and develop their own style and translating it to their home, business or project. It’s people first, design second. The end products speak for themselves: The projects are aesthetically beautiful and eminently livable. It is the efficient, proven, high-value process that speaks for R R Design Studio.

R R partners with clients from conception to fruition, from the first dimension of defining their design vision (1-D: conception, lots of paper and pictures), to the second dimension of meticulously tracking and managing their project (2-D: print and digital planning and tracking, lots of binders), to the third dimension of furnishing, decorating and finishing their home or business (3-D: finished structure, lots of fun). It is this process that resulted in R R Design Studio’s tagline: Where Dimensions Take Shape.

The designers of choice for architects and builders nationwide, R R seamlessly integrates on to the project team, applying nearly three decades of industry experience to the initial space-planning phase and ensuring the clients’ lifestyle and needs are addressed first and foremost — before anything is built up or knocked down. R R works with the architects and builders to refine the project footprint to fully support the clients’ vision. R R believes the more planning they do up front, the more money and pain they will save their clients later.

R R Design Studio works with architects, builders and owners every step of the way, from space planning and architectural interior-design specification, to materials/furniture sourcing and accessorizing, striking the ideal balance between beauty and budget as you watch the dimensions of your project take shape.

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