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Before + After: An Interior Expert Got Crafty With Small Apartment Design And Created Her Dream NYC Loft

Tina Ramchadani took on a big interior design challenge that would scare off most people.

Interior designer Tina Ramchadani and her husband were beginning to think they’d never find an apartment in Manhattan when she stumbled upon a listing that caught her eye.

“In 2015, we were looking to buy and there was nothing out there that I really loved and everything was above our budget. We were looking at absolutely every listing ’til I found this one on StreetEasy,” she says. “The floor plan looked really promising but there were no pictures so my husband and I went to the open house hopeful. The space needed a major overhaul, but I knew I could make it work.” Having spent five years working for Vincent Wolfe, she saw what others couldn’t, undaunted by the dated dwelling.

The apartment was part of an estate sale when they snagged it without hesitation, and four months later, Tina had overhauled the disjointed apartment into 1,080 square feet of sheer serenity.

Noted for her modern interiors, Tina’s color palette choice was a no-brainer. “Black and white is my go-to,” she says. Eliminating the dark red walls and wood paneling was top priority.

“My number one goal was to maximize the sunlight and make it bright so we painted all the walls Benjamin Moore Super White and added accents of greys and black to keep it fresh.”

Besides the crisp palette, the biggest change was the flooring. “We thought about keeping the original parquet floors that came with the apartment to save money but I never liked that looked and wanted something that has some lift to it. So I found this grey flooring from State of the Art Wood Floors. We went through rounds and rounds to get the right look but it was all worth it. I love it.”

Another priority for Tina: Choosing furniture and deciding on a layout that could accommodate the large groups she and her husband are typically entertaining. “I wanted to maximize seating without cluttering the space because though it’s a nice size, it’s still a NYC apartment,” she says. “For seating, I designed a really big custom sectional with Robert Allen fabric that was pretreated for my young nieces who like to crawl on everything. I have a ‘no mess, no fuss’ policy.”

Tina also had a creative solution when it came to installing the TV. She had it mounted on the column in the corner then created a hidden door beneath the TV to hide all the accessories. Genius hack for city dwellers.

The Flos globe light by the window sets a welcoming tone when you walk into the apartment, and the large photograph from the Robin Rice Gallery of the aerial view of the ocean found above the sofa bestows a tranquil mood for the busy couple to unwind.

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