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VW Bus/Type 2 Interior Parts & Upholstery

Interior design kits

VW Split Window Bus

VW Bay Window Bus

Interior design kits

About TMI

TMI Products, Inc. is a family-owned company founded in 1982 by the four Tuccinardi brothers; Robert, Steve, Gene & John. The four brothers found their start in manufacturing by making Volkswagen door panels in their family garage in Torrance, California.

Interior design kits

For more than 30 years TMI has specialized in developing high quality interior components for both classic and current model vehicles.

TMI has developed a highly effective process for matching interior components to the original OEM manufacturing specifications. TMI’s team of design specialists examine the OEM fabric and stitching to ensure duplication is authentic and meets or exceeds all safety requirements. All leather, vinyl, and fabrics are manufactured to the original OEM specifications to achieve long-life durability and a look that matches its natural wear.

Interior design kits

At the heart of TMI’s operation, is a commitment to craftsmanship, safety, innovative design and cutting edge technology, integrated automotive products designed to meet and exceed our customer’s demands. Why we choose TMI to manufacture our VW Interior Parts:

TMI uses Extruded Welt for our Upholstery. That means the color is solid all the way through so even if scuffed it is still the same color. The competition uses wrapped cord; basically a string or white plastic filament with upholstery wrapped around it. If nicked, it shows the white string or plastic inside.

Vinyl Weight; TMI, like Ford, uses heavier vinyl, 30 or 32 oz. as opposed to the 24 to 28 oz. (sometimes 30 oz.) vinyl that the competition uses. TMI Vinyl will last as long the original.

Interior design kits

Polyester Backed Vinyl; TMI has Superior Cross-Linked Polyester Backed Vinyl made exclusively for us rather than the low cost “Off-The-Shelf” cotton backed vinyl that the competition uses. Color Correct; both TMI and the competition claim accuracy, however, TMI uses Original Material sources as benchmarks to maintain our color and continues Quality Control checks with every production run. Multi-Needle Precision; TMI has four pre-set Multi-needle sewing machines to sew the exact distance sew pattern of Mustang upholstery to replicate Ford original seam widths. Door Panel Wood Backboard; TMI uses strong top quality Masonite MFD wood for our Door Panels rather than inexpensive and weak cardboard which is subject to failure even upon installation. TMI manufactures their products in the USA

Volkswagen Bus Seat Upholstery (Seat Covers)

We offer the most complete selection of quality replacement VW Seat Upholster in the Volkswagen industry. All of our VW Upholstery is made by TMI in the United States. Our VW Seat Upholstery is color correct, made using only the finest components and quality checked to ensure customer satisfaction.

Volkswagen Interior Upholstery Color Samples

VW Bus Seat Pads and Kits

We offer a complete selection of Volkswagen Seat Pads and Seat Pad Kits that are precision designed to fit each year and model of VW. Like our Volkswagen Seat Upholstery, our seat pads are guaranteed to fit perfectly.

VW Type 2 Headliners

We offer VW Headliners in a variety of materials including original perforated vinyl, crush grain vinyl and mohair as well as custom materials such as tweed and velour. We offer stock headliners so you can restore your VW Bus to stock. We also offer custom headliner options so you can create your own look.

VW Bus Door Panels

Interior design kits

We offer a huge selection of VW Door Panels available in Vinyl, Velour Tweed Cloth; all of which come in a wide variety of colors. These materials are a perfect match to all of our seat upholstery.

Volkswagen Type 2 Carpet Kits and Pads

Interior design kits

We offer TMI Carpet Kits and Pads for the Volkswagen Bus. Our VW Carpet selection includes quality Loop Carpet, Cutpile Carpet or the Original German Squareweave in wide variety of colors. Our carpet kits are made of high quality automotive grade carpet with a thick rubber backing.

VW Bus Sun Visors and Clips

We offer a complete selection of Volkswagen Bus Sun Visors in vinyl or velour in a variety of colors to match your seat upholstery and headliner. Our Volkswagen Sun Visors are the finest on the market. All of our VW Sun Visors are made in the USA with the exclusive Jersey Spring Clip mechanism to keep your visor in the proper position and prevent it from drooping.

VW Type 2 Glove Boxes

We offer a complete selection of Volkswagen Bus Glove Boxes and Items, including VW Glove Box Latches. Our Volkswagen replacement glove boxes are constructed with durable hard plastic. They are designed to fit perfectly into your Classic VW Bus and last for years.

VW Bus Cup Holders

Interior design kits We offer a wide selection of Volkswagen Bus Cup Holders in your choice of styles and colors.

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