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We’re Just. Different.

Presentation meets collaboration

Share your visions with clients, then discuss, eliminate, and ultimately reach decisions all in one location. Ideation to profitability at a rapidly efficient pace.

Putting Professionals Back In Control

In a world obsessed with options, clients get lost in sea of possibilities and “Pin”spirations. Wecora launches professionals back to the forefront of the working narrative by giving them, and ONLY them, control of the items selected for every board.

Refreshing Communication

Ditch email! No more hunting through project details and discussions. With Wecora everything can be kept in one place – accessible anywhere.

Share Ideas, Not Secrets

Professionals freely showcase visions and store any relevant information about board items such as price, source and more, but always get the final say-so as to which of those details are displayed.

More Than Just A Pretty Face

Yes you can create amazingly inspiring boards that are completely reflective of your brand identity with custom headers and your logos but there’s a lot automagically going on behind the scenes such as P+L reports, list views, organized image storing and more.

Organization Without Frustration

Designed to be an intuitive tool that immediately adds efficiencies to your day by keeping projects organized, prevents weeding through details and discussions, and allows you to focus efforts on truly profitable time.

Happy Users

Visions Communicated

Discussions Simplified

The Board

Incredibly slick, amazingly powerful. If a single picture is worth a thousand words, what’s the vision in your head worth when it can be communicated this easily?

Click the pluses below to explore the board

Stay Organized With Groups


The key to communicating your vision is keeping your thoughts organized. Easily add an unlimited number of groups with names and descriptions to best get your ideas across.

Add images, PDFs, video – whatever


A Wecora board is your complete visual project board. Add images, PDFs, Word docs, contracts – even videos. Keep everything related to the proejct securely in one place.

The Header


Where presentation meets collaboration. Make each board your own by customizing the header background, logo, titles and fonts.

Status Labels


Go beyond groups with status labels. Status labels are a colorful, customizable and searchable to keep everything current.

Powerful Client Feedback


Clients can quickly vote on ideas they love, and those they don’t, helping you efficiently drive the project forward

Item Details


Selling your concepts requires more than just pictures. Enhance your ideas by including extra details, such as pricing, description and source – and keep anything you want private, private.

Invite Others


Easily share your visions with clients and associates. Keep track of who you’ve invited and who accepted.

Discuss Everything


Forget searching through emails. With Wecora you can keep all project discussions together with the ideas that drive conversation.

Interior design logos

Our Features

Wecora is a frighteningly flexible solution designed to work without interfering with your Chi. Once you try it, you’ll wonder how you worked with others before.


Create Boards In Minutes

Add Any Type of File

Customize Everything

Enhanced Item Details

Attach Supporting Files To Items

One click client binders

Interior design logos


Centralize Discussions

Comment on Everything

Built-In Client Surveying

Securely Share w/ Clients

Budgets Automatically Calculated

Interior design logos

Stay Organized

A library for your ideas

Intelligent grouping

Customizable status labels

Interior design logos

Ideation & Discovery

Built-in Web search

Clip images from anywhere

Interior design logos


Dropbox integration

Generate Quickbook Invoices

Export to Excel or CSV

Interior design logos

Stable, Secure & Accessible

Daily Secure Backup

Infrastructure by Amazon

Access Anywhere

Interior design logos

Experience what it’s like to work visually.

Our Pricing Options

No credit card required. Change at anytime

Trial Plan

  • 14 Days Unlimited Use
  • Unlimited Projects, Boards & Discussions
  • 50 MB Storage

Pro Plan

$30 / month

  • billed annually
  • $36 month-to-month
  • Unlimited Projects, Boards & Discussions
  • 10 GB Storage


What Wecora does is PRICELESS!

What didn’t Wecora replace?! I had to use email, Dropbox, Olioboard or Polyvore, Pinterest, Houzz, PowerPoint, Publisher, iBooks and more! I have been waiting for technology to catch up with the interior design industry for years – Wecora changes everything.

Wecora floats my boat on many levels! The event industry is slow to recognise itself as a creative industry and I think Wecora helps with that message. I often tell planners they need to find tools that help them create time to be creative and a project management platform backs that up and this software fulfills this need perfectly!

Working with clients when you’re a graphic designer sometimes sucks. How can you communicate a vision or an idea? How? Wecora took a mess of FTP, emails and ridiculous misunderstood meetings and conference calls and made it simple. Now we braindump everything into our boards and discuss it all online. Long live Wecora!

The Sherpas

Like ants, we’re small but can lift many times our body weight.

Interior design logos

Joshua Lippiner


Born from the heat of a coal fire, Josh spends countless hours staring at, playing with and way overthinking every aspect of Wecora to make sure the harmony between simplicity and power is never out of whack. Every line of code, every pixel on the screen passes through his cerebellum down to his finger tips to turn Stephanie’s whims into Wecora reality.

Interior design logos

Stephanie Dixon


As a former designer, Stephanie’s never ending supply of “what if we did this!? It would be amazing” keeps Wecora continually pursuing the impossible. When not pondering how creatives used to work before Wecora, Stephanie strives for the perfect day when Wecora becomes the natural extension of our client’s mindset and her customer support inbox registers a big fat zero.

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